7 Things to look for in a well-designed Home Office

Follow these 7 steps to help design your own bespoke home office!

1. Begin with the correct desk height

720mm is the standard commercial desk height and is essential for ergonomic function in keyboarding and writing

2. Plan a space for everything

This requires writing an inventory of all PC equipment, binders, files, books ad stationary. Pre-plan where everything goes

3. Aim for a clean work top

If sufficient storage space has been planned for, a clean and neat work space is achievable.

4. Demand cable neatness

No ugly cables should be seen lying on the floor. A cable management system is essential to a great looking home office.

5. Think about lighting

As a lot of work these days is done at night, either “built in” or “free standing” lighting needs to be thought about

6. Utilize above desk storage space

As floorspace is limited in most Home Offices, an alternative to bookcases and cupboards sitting on the floor is to have storage above the desk by using hutches. Doors hide the messy bits and pieces.

7. Add Colour

The right colour combinations can make a room more masculine or feminine. Colours can also make a statement or just subtly blend with the decor. If you don’t have an eye for colour, pay a little extra to get an interior designer’s opinion – the end result will be worth it.

Our 7 tips come from years of experience working in the field of ergonomics combined with commercial and domestic furniture design.