Do you make to order?

Yes, however we have a large range of standard sizes and modules – most available in 100mm increments – which are more cost effective than ordering custom sized furniture made to the millimetre. As we offer an extensive colour range, the furniture is not held in stock. Please speak to a sales consultant regarding lead times.

How much extra does custom sizing cost?

Custom work requires a job-specific quotation however, as a general rule we base the price on the next largest module and add $120 for customising to an exact size. Custom furniture is not subject to any sale discount due to the additional work of drawings / quotation etc.

Do you build in?

No. Our furniture is free standing. Even our made to measure furniture is generally made to fit within the skirting board area. We only fix to the wall in the case of Paragon wall mounted hutches and tall, thin bookcases which may be unstable.

Do you come onsite to quote?

We don’t generally offer free onsite quotes to new customers as we’ve found it much more effective to discuss your needs at our showroom in the first instance. We recommend that you bring rough dimensions of your area to our showroom where we can refer to the many examples on display throughout the consultation. If an onsite measurement and access check is required after the initial consultation, this can be arranged (charges may apply). We do offer an Onsite Design Service at a cost of $250 which includes an onsite consultation and measure, followed by computer generated drawings and a written quotation which we generally email to you within one week of the onsite visit. If you proceed with an order the $250 is refunded, except where the goods ordered are on sale in which case the $250 is not refunded. Even in the case of a Design Service, we still find it very beneficial for the customer to visit the showroom in the first instance. Commercial and previous customers should call to discuss your quotation requirements.

We’re not sure if we measured correctly, do you send someone onsite to check measurements?

If you would like us to check your measurements as well as access into the room, we offer an access check for $95. This is well worth it for larger installations, timber bookcases, entertainment units and wall mounted hutches.

What kind of deposit do you take?

We take 1/3rd of the total invoice amount at the time of ordering, with the balance payable on the day of delivery. You can pay the balance by credit card or cheque, or in the showroom by eftpos or cash. 7) What is the Lead time for your ranges? Lead times are subject to change throughout the year and remain an approximate guideline unless specific arrangements are made at the time of ordering. Please note that if your order involves computer generated drawings, the lead time is effective only from the time of your approval of the drawings Elements range: Approx. 4- 6 weeks Federation ranges: Approx. 6-8 weeks Chairs: Approx 1 week if in stock Custom upholstered chairs: Approx 4 weeks

What is the Lead time for your ranges?

Lead times are subject to change throughout the year and remain an approximate guideline unless specific arrangements are made at the time of ordering. Please note that if your order involves computer generated drawings, the lead time is effective only from the time of your approval of the drawings Elements range: Approx. 4- 6 weeks Federation ranges: Approx. 6-8 weeks Chairs: Approx 1 week if in stock Custom upholstered chairs: Approx 4 weeks

Do I need to sign off on drawings?

In most cases, technical drawings are not provided if the furniture is taken straight off the Elements price list, however, drawings are provided for the Federation ranges, custom orders and onsite design services. If your furniture falls within any of these ranges a drawing approval is required.

Will a 2 drawer filing cabinet fit under my desk / workstation?

Most steel 2 drawer filing cabinets do not fit under the standard ergonomic desk height. Our 2 drawer filing cabinets are made at the same height as our desks and are designed to sit next to a desk or workstation, therefore they do not fit underneath. However, you can purchase a 2 drawer filing mobile pedestal which fits neatly underneath.

Do you have any systems for hiding computer cables etc?

We offer a ‘Cable Management System’ which is a service carried out on the day of delivery. The service includes cable holes drilled and cable trays mounted where required. It does not include any handling of your actual cables or equipment. Alternatively you can purchase cable trays (600mm long, 900mm long or 1200mm long) individually and specify cable entry points at the time of ordering.

Do you sell slide out keyboard trays?

Our Elements desks are set at a standard ergonomic height of 720mm. This is the ideal height for keyboarding, while maintaining adequate clearance under the desk for your legs. Having the mouse and keyboard on the same level reduces RSI and is now an ergonomic standard. Slide out keyboard trays are only available as an optional extra, however we do not recommend them. Our Federation Timber desks are made to sit 750mm high and as a feature, we do offer a slide out keyboard tray to maintain the uncluttered, traditional look of timber. These trays are large enough to accommodate a keyboard and a mouse to keep in line with our single level standard to reduce RSI.


What does delivery and installation involve?

The details of delivery and installation vary from job to job. But as a general rule the furniture is brought into the room in semi-assembled modules. The base modules are put in place, at which stage adjustable feet or packers are used to level the furniture and allow for uneven flooring. These modules are screwed together if required before hutches are placed on top and screwed together. Doors are adjusted and mobile pedestals put in place.

Do you deliver to country Victoria / NSW?

Yes. Such deliveries are treated on a case by case basis. We will provide a quotation based on the size of the order, the number of installers required and the travel distance.

Do you deliver interstate?

Deliveries outside of Victoria and New South Wales are treated on a case by case basis. Generally we don’t offer large installations outside of VIC and NSW.

Do I have to assemble the furniture myself?

No, we deliver and install. We have our own truck, two professional removalists and a service man. Pricing for delivery and installation can be found on each furniture range’s price list. The price is based on the total cost of the furniture. All chairs are also fully assembled.

Can I pick up the furniture myself?

Generally we prefer to deliver as we employ delivery staff and a dedicated truck. If you choose to pick up and assemble the furniture yourself, there is a small fee to arrange for someone to meet you at our warehouse in Boronia at either 8am or 4pm. This charged is based on ¼ of the standard ground floor delivery price. All our furniture is provided fully assembled, if you require the furniture to be knocked down, please inform your sales representative at the time of order. No written instructions are provided for self-assembly.

Do you give an exact delivery time?

Our delivery scheduler will advise a two hour window in which the truck will arrive. Completion of the installation might occur outside this window.

How much notice do I get before a delivery?

Our delivery scheduler will call to arrange the delivery approximately a week in advance. If required the truck can call 30 minutes prior to arrival.


How much is timber in comparison to Laminate?

We primarily use Tassie Oak timber which is approximately double the price of Laminex. Other timbers require a quotation and can be up to three or four times the price of Laminex.

What Laminates do you use?

We use selected laminates taken from the Laminex and Formica commercial palettes. These colours are supported in 18mm, 25mm and 33mm boards with a PVC (Shockproof) edge.

What Timbers do you use?

We primarily use Tassie Oak timber, however we can quote in Blackwood and Jarrah as well. There are an extensive range of timber veneers which can be used for modern styled furniture.

What colours/ stains does the furniture come in?

Follow this link to our laminate colours. Follow this link to our timber stains. We are happy to provide quotations for alternative laminates, timber veneer, and 2-pack finishes.

Is the timber solid?

Our Tassie Oak timber furniture uses a combination of solid and veneer boards. For shelves and various other panels we find that veneer is the best choice to avoid warping and board separation. For the rest we use solid timber boards

Can we choose our own handles?

Generally not. We offer a small range of standard handles from single screw to 96mm and 128mm hole spacings. These are industry standard allowing you to purchase your own handles and easily replace ours. We are willing to fit handles that you supply at an additional surcharge to cover handling and any special work required to fit them.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

Our Elements and commercial grade Laminex ranges are covered by a 7 year warranty in a commercial situation and a 20 year warranty in a domestic situation. Our Federation timber furniture is covered by a 12 month domestic warranty. Warranty on chairs varies between products, but most are covered by a commercial warranty of either 3 or 5 years.

Where is your furniture made?

Our Elements and Laminex furniture is made locally in Melbourne. Our Federation timber ranges are also made locally in Melbourne. Our chairs vary from locally made from imported parts, to 100% imported.

How do i know my new home office will look spectacular?

Our experienced staff will assist you through the entire process. From measurements, to colour selection, to design, we will give you any advise you may require. Looking to design your office yourself? Click here to to view our 7 tips for a well designed home office.